Message from Omid Namazi, Ukrainian Nationals Director of Soccer


I can't be more excited about the new direction we are taking with our club. This couldn't have happened without the help of all involved including the players, the parents, the coaches and countless volunteers at the club who sacrifice a lot of their free time in order for us to take the next step forward.

Our path is clear and we are already beginning to realize our successes with (3) teams competing for their State Cup finals this Saturday at USTC in Downingtown. The Blasters Black U13 Girls go for a very rare repeat! The Rangers U13 Boys are always in the mix and they have proven their hard work pays off by getting to the finals this year. Bohatyri is playing at the highest level of competition already at the tender age of U9. Hopefully, we will have some additional hardware in the clubhouse after the weekend! Congrats and Good Luck to all three teams!

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