Men Majors Reserves clinch United Soccer League of PA Championship

Ukrainian Nationals Majors Reserve Team have proven to be the gold standard in the competitions they take part in. After a very successful last year’s performance (a league title and a semifinal of the PHL Unity Cup), they have clinched the championship in the United Soccer League of PA this year with perfect winning record and 3 games remaining on the schedule. Year around practices (2-3 times a week), hard work and dedication from these lads are paying off in the Silverware. They seem to find a perfect balance, a blend of youth and experience, all with strong characters. The players are able to carve out that much time in their busy lives for practicing at nights and keep up the good form. Proven to be good Samaritans and willing to help the club with volunteering for all big events, they all share one love – love to soccer, as well as gratefulness and pride to be part of the Tryzub family, Ukrainian Nationals family! GO UKIES!