As our club grows, we want to keep improving in all areas of all our programs. As our youth graduate high school and college, we want them to remain club members and enjoy playing at the adult level.  To that end, we want to make sure we have a path in that transition from youth to adult soccer.


In order to accomplish this, we need someone in charge of the Adult Program. We would like to announce that Roman Chuprynyak will oversee the Adult program as VP Adult Soccer. Roman will be responsible for all the Adult teams (Majors, Reserves, U23, Over 30 and Women’s Majors). He will report to the Ukrainian Nationals Board of Directors to coordinate field space, trainings, etc.  He will work with and coordinate with all the adult coaches as well as Brian Rowland, Dan Harmon and the youth soccer leadership as needed. Roman will also serve as an advisor to the Main Tryzub Board of Directors to further the social aspect of our adult programs.


Please join me in welcoming Roman into this role and let’s all work together to make our club the best around.

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