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2nd Annual Players Signing Night

We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual Players Signing Night will be held on Wednesday, May 26th at 7pm. Join us in this senior sendoff event in celebrating our seniors who committed to post-secondary schools for soccer and help us recognize their successes on and off the field as they prepare for the next chapter.

Contact Jenn Crostarosa at Jenn@ukrainiannationals.com for more details.

Team Highlights and Success Updates

Join us in congratulating the following teams and individuals for the successful outcomes in recent competition or recognition awards:

  • ‘04 Girls GA Black – Forward Maggie Hayes led the GA Mid – Atlantic in goals in the month of April including 8 over three games in the GA Showcase in Florida.
  • The ‘05 & ‘06 Boys Won Semi Final games beating Lighthouse (’05) 2-0 and LVU 9 (’06) 4-0.
  • ‘07 Girls GA Black – currently in a tie for 2nd in the GA Mid Atlantic Conference. Top two teams qualify for the Girls Academy National Playoffs in San Diego, CA
  • ’07 Girls Red – champions in the YMS Epic Tournament this weekend!

The following players have been selected to the Girls Academy Mid Atlantic Talent ID Pool:

Chantal Von Dongeren (05), Megan Cairns (06), Cameron Schuler (06), Allie Smith (06), Olivia Stone (06), Cece Funseth (07), Mikayla Gray (07), Kylie Maxwell (07), Taylor Maxwell (07), Maya Raghunandanan (07).

The Talent ID Training Session is an event organized by the Girls Academy and attended by US Soccer scouts, and it is the top 28 players from each age group in the Mid Atlantic Conference.

Cup Run Update

Congrats to all our teams who are still making a run at Cups this season. Check out how many teams we still have in the running and the upcoming schedule below:

EDP Youth Champions Cup

  • ’04 Boys Black vs. SYC Boys Blue (VA) playing in the Quarter-Finals this Saturday at the club with a 3:45pm Kickoff
  • ’10 Girls Black vs. TBD Semi-Finals on 6/12


Challenge Cup Girls:

  • Girls ’12 Red vs LVU in the quarter finals on 5/22/21 @11am at the Ukies, field 7
  • Girls ’10 Black vs Crusa in the Semi-Finals on 6/5 @5pm located at the Proving Grounds, field 4A
  • Girls ’09 Red vs TBD on 6/5 for the Semi- Final
  • Girls ’09 Black vs West Mont for the semi-final @7pm this Thursday

Challenge Cup Boys:

  • Boys ’12 Black vs Lower Merion in the Semi-Final on 6/5 @5pm at the Ukies, Field 7
  • Boys ’11 Black vs Lower Merion in the Semi-finals on 6/5
  • Boys ’11 Red vs TBD in Quarter Finals on 5/22
  • Boys ’11 Gray vs. Dynamo Untied in Quarter Finals on 5/22 @1pm at the Ukies, field 7
  • Boys ’10 Black vs TBD in the Semi-Finals on 6/5
  • Boys ’09 Black vs. LVU in the Quarter Finals on 5/22

President’s Cup- Boys:

  • Boys ’05 Red vs. Harleysville in the semi-finals @8:15 on 5/15 at the Ukies, field 6

NCS Cup- Boys

  • Boys ’08 Black vs. PA Rush in the semi-finals on 5/15 @2:30 at Rush Complex, field 1
  • Boys ’06 Black vs. VE in the Finals on 5/22 @7:15 at United Sports, field 1
  • Boys ’05 Black vs LVU in the finals on 5/22 @3:20 at United Sports, field 1

NCS Cup- Girls

  • Girls ’09 Black vs. West Mont in the semi-final on 5/13 @7pm at the Ukies, field 6b


Registration Reminder

The registration grace period ends on May 23rd and a $65 late fee gets imposed on all registrations after May 23rd. Please be sure to register before then so you are not charged the late fee!


Bar/ Kitchen/ Events Update

Come join us on May 22nd from 10am to 8pm for our Deschutes Beer Garden event and cheer on our Ukies Adult Teams in the Ukrainian Soccer Tournament. $25 per person for access to the Beer Garden.

A new menu will be posted soon!! Don’t forget to stop in during the week for a beverage or bite to eat while your players are training!


Summer camp scheduling is in full swing. Please check out our calendar and camp link (https://www.ukrainiannationals.com/register/ ) for more information. As part of your membership to our teams, 2 weeks of camp are free to new and returning players for the ’21-’22 season once you are registered for the new season.


Support our Ukies! Here are a few games to watch this weekend- check out the schedule here.

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