THANK YOU to all our members for your outpouring of support for Ukraine and the complete condemnation of the invasion by Vladimir Putin.


I have personally received phone calls, text messages and emails from all over the world with their prayers and support for Ukraine. Some people I have not spoken to in over 20 years and some were complete strangers that found my cell on the website. Most were not Ukrainian and wanted to make a difference somehow or in some way.  All my colleagues in this organization and other Ukrainian Organizations have received the same massive support.  The outpouring is overwhelming; it is very much appreciated; and it is very emotional… THANK YOU!


Although we are witnessing death and destruction within Ukraine, we must remain positive and vigilant. We now see protests all over the US in Philly, Washington, New York, Chicago and many other cities. We see protests all over the world in Paris, Berlin, Sweden, Spain, Lebanon, Austria, Netherlands, Poland and so many other countries.  There are protests throughout Russia [which is very rare] across at least 47 cities with over 2,000 arrests. For those who are making your voices heard all over Planet Earth… THANK YOU!


How can you help?… Ukrainian American Sport Center Tryzub and Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals have partnered with the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (“UUARC”), an abundantly successful international humanitarian relief organization with a nearly 80-year long proven track-record of assistance to Ukrainians in desperate need. What is more, this is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity that has its headquarters in the City of Philadelphia.  Read more about UUARC and make your donations, by visiting this website and click Donate Now, If you donate by check, please write in the Memo: “Humanitarian aid –  War in Ukraine”


THANK YOU again for all the support, prayers, and your generosity.


On behalf of our Boards of Directors,


Dan Nysch

President – Ukrainian American Sport Center – Tryzub

Vice President – Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals

(215) 704-6144 (cell)

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  1. Matthew Phillips on March 4, 2022 at 11:30 am

    Hi this Matt Phillips and I spoke to Dan Nysch about donating some medical equipment. I’m an RN and ADON at Elm Terrace Gardens, a skilled nursing facility in Lansdale. We have about 40 pieces of durable medical equipment we can donate soon. We are still going through our supplies and will probably be able to donate some more. We have wheel chairs, beds, commodes, walkers available for donation. Call or text me at 267-481-4209 so we can coordinate the supply drop off. We have residents here who lived in Ukraine during WW2 so this war is hitting them particularly hard. We are happy to help and stand with Ukraine.

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