The Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals Soccer Club has been collecting and delivering monetary donations towards Humanitarian Relief in Ukraine.

Almost immediately after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and her gallant people, the Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals and their soccer venue, the Ukrainian American Sport Center (UASC), partnered with the Philadelphia-based United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC) to raise funds towards the UUARC’s Humanitarian Aid to Victims of War in Ukraine Fund (

On Saturday, April 2, the UASC’s Director of External Relations, Eugene A. Luciw, delivered a check in the amount of $35,000 to the UUARC’S headquarters on Cottman Avenue, in the City of Philadelphia. This was the first of what are expected to be multiple installment deliveries of accumulated donations that the soccer club will be raising from people, businesses and institutions of good will. Inasmuch as the UASC’s and the Ukrainian Nationals’ websites alert people to options of making donations directly to the UUARC, the total additional donations that the soccer club has spurred to date are significant. “We know that many non-Ukrainian communities, “opposing” sports teams, schools,  individuals, organizations and families have joined Ukrainians, in general, and the families of the Ukrainian Nationals, in particular, in this fund-raising effort.

We would like to thank the following Soccer Club’s for their Team’s Generous Recent Donations:

Lower Merion Soccer Club 2008 Boys Thunder – $1,000.00

Brick BTSA Storm 2007 Girls – $555.00

Steele United 2012 Boys – $850.00

“Many people in this organization as well as other Ukrainian Organizations have received numerous phone calls, text messages and emails from all over the world offering prayers and support for Ukraine. Many were not Ukrainian, but wanted to reach out because they want to make a difference somehow or in some way. The outpouring is overwhelming; it is very much appreciated; and it is very emotional … For those who are making your voices heard all over Planet Earth… THANK YOU!”

Please visit the UUARC’s ( website for more information. Those that would like to donate to the UUARC may do so in any of these ways:

  1. Through the Ukrainian American Sport Center’s (UUARC’s partner’s) website – – by clicking on the “DONATE HERE” Button


  1. By QR Code on the Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals’ website:


  1. Directly to UUARC, by check: please write in the Memo: “Humanitarian aid – War in Ukraine”. Make check payable and mail to United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc., 1206 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19111. Details also on UUARC website.

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